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Our understanding of genomics and evolution is exploding right now.

It is estimated that the doubling time of medical knowledge in 1950 was 50 years; in 1980, 7 years; and in 2010, 3.5 years. In 2020 it is projected to be 0.2 years—just 73 days.

Goodbye “Dr. Know-It-All”: Medicine's Liberating Knowledge Explosion |  Econvue

We’re in the middle of the Biological Revolution. We as a species have escaped Natural Selection's gravity-well. Now, we find ourselves with tremendous power and responsibility.

This can be very scary.

Mainstream media and social media will assault you with terrifying headlines and doomsday claims.

Yet, I think most of us have learned that these channels of information are just trying to rob you of your time, peace, and energy.

But how can you possibly keep up with the scientific literature when we DOUBLE our medical knowledge every 73 days?!

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Sean Jackewicz

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